Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Half way there

Half way through exams that is. Gwendolyn has become somewhat neglected and I really didn't mean for that to happen, but the toughest exams are over and yesterday I spent the day with friends, skipping around in the sunshine with my maxi dress! More substantial posts are coming, promise.

(Dress-Urban Outfitters, gladiators-topshop, but from last year) (Oh and my friends lovely floral top is from Topshop)(hmmm, unsure why pictures have come out in such bad quality on blogger??) (I'll shut up now)

Hope your doing fab


Monday, 20 April 2009

Paul Baribeau took me to a giant tire swing

I'm back from England and I had an amazing time! The English countryside was giving me constant reminders of Luella's oh-so-proper spring 09 collection and I was really hoping to see this gal riding by on a horse but apparently that doesn't really happen there.

There was also the best tree swing ever there which succesfully made Kimya Dawson's "tyre swing" play constantly in my head all week. Not that I minded, it's a great song! Since I've came home the weather has been crazily brilliant so I'm spending so much of my time studying outside and appreciating every second of it.

(Mothers old Dr. Martins, Top and Belt also used to be my mothers and tartan trousers are from Topshop)

I also seriously want to live in this house. I read about it in Lula magazine I just adore it. It's an old farmhouse out in the Canadian countryside and it was tranformed into a chraming life-sized dollhouse by artist Heather Benning.

Amazingly enough, Heather did 90% of the entire job herself and only received help from a friend for the really tricky bits. To me, it's such a mesmirising idea to have such a picturesque little house on such desolate plains. Heather said in the interview that she infact began to imagine the family that would live there and concluded that they had two children before going on to explain the details of their lifestyle. It's really beautiful when somebody is so passionate about what they are doing that they become so involved and I can imagine it would be somewhat sad when she finished the project, like when you enjoy a book so much that you wish it to continue. However, all those working hours have certainly been worthwhile and her efforts have led to an unique piece of artwork for others to enjoy visiting and get lost in the fairytale pastel-walled rooms, creating stories of there own.

Take Care.



Monday, 13 April 2009

Come on travelling woman, don't sacrifice your plans

Hello! Hope you all had a brilliant Easter Sunday!
Today I'm leaving for a short break to England and will not be back til Thursday. I think where we are going is pretty remote so I doubt there will be an internet connection so alas, further blogging will continue with my return on Thursday.

Have a nice couple of days!


Sunday, 12 April 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter all!
The sun is for once shining and I have just finished a good old fashioned outdoor easter egg hunt which my mother organised. She came up with a series of clues that led you to the egg and one of mine was most ingenious-

"your favourite type of jeans"

I found the next clue cellotaped to the drainpipe!
Have a fantastic day

Thursday, 9 April 2009

The smell of cinders and rain perfumed almost everything

Hi! How are you doing?

Hope you all like my new blog header photo! It is one of Julia Fullerton-Batten's who I came across a while ago online. This particular photo is from her "teenage stories" project which is a beautiful disproportionate marvel that reminds me of Alice In Wonderland in the tiny house.

(Bike Accident- Julia Fullerton-Batten)

My Easter break, as predicted has been full of study study study so I'm sure as hell hoping that good grades come out of these socially deprived hours. However, I had the pleasure of going to see "Bat For Lashes" this week which was incredible. Natasha is known for her outstanding live performances and true to the media's word, the entire performance was lively and enchanting . I fell for the "through the merchandise stall" exit and bought a Bat for lashes t-shirt which I simply adore. I love the print on it, and it's the kind of thing I would have bought if it was in a store anyhow. My parents however, seemed somewhat surprised with my purchase with a kind of .. "Oh, it's a a bears mouth......... is that not a bit...........gruesome?"

(Buy online here)

On a different note, I came across this quirky little egg and soldier set online, where the toasted soldiers travel on horseback to attack the egg castle! It is the design of London based designer Takae Mizutani and is available to buy here. It would make a pretty sweet Easter gift!

Have a wonderful day


Sunday, 5 April 2009

Gonna wear my feather headress, like an indian chief.

Hello, The Easter holidays have come around and despite the fact that studying for my standard grades will dominate my time off, I still appreciate some time spent out with school. I went through to Glasgow today and had such a lovely time with my friend.

It was incredibly sunny so we ate our packed lunches outside the Glasgow museum of Modern Art before asking a kind lady to take a photograph of us both.

We then enjoyed some friendly conversation with a Chinese woman who was handing out leaflets for an upcoming Chinese dancing event.

We went a bit Natasha Khan and each bought a feathered headband

Found a window with a whole lot of posters and figured it made a cool backdrop.

After a quick visit to Mr Bens vintage store..

..and a browse through Sloans market, we headed home having enjoyed a wonderful day.

Have a fabulous day


Friday, 3 April 2009

Like a shoebox of photographs with sepia-toned loving

Hi there,

Photography has been something that I have took an interest in last summer. My dad used to photograph as a pastime and he took some pretty neat pictures. After he explained the basics to me, I started getting books out of the library and my interest has since grown to an aspiration to start taking better pictures myself. My dad did warn me that with the non digital SLRs it could be a timely process to getting used to using the correct appeture, shutter speed etc. for the right kind of photograph however, something that is keeping me motivated to start trying it out myself, is viewing other photographers fantastic photos. When I see a photo of something, someplace or somebody that is truly beautiful it just makes me wish that I could do that too. Please be sure to comment and let me know of any photographers that you enjoy.

A photographer that has proved very inspiring, is Elanor Harwick. At just fifteen she has already become an established photographer as well as her photographs being featured in the pages of popular London based magazine, Dazed and Confused. The photo at the top of my blog is infact one of hers and how beautiful it is. Her pictures have been known to convey powerful messages, some of which are clear and others leaving the viewer to decide and they seem to confess a fabulous dream and somtimes surreal feel to them which makes them so appealing to the eye.

With her quirky style and youthful persepctive, I get the feeling that her success will only grow. I always find it so inspiring when you come across an adolescent that is doing something they love and already are suceeding at getting their name known. Elanor is doing exactly that and surpassing expecatations that older generations seem to have of the youth of today.

Have a nice day